Printers: Do your Clients a Favour!

Printers and Publishers

In the publishing industry it often comes down to you, the printer, to handle shipping and logistics for finished orders. Publishers often don’t seem to want to spend the time and effort in completing the supply chain and are happy to leave the expense and complications to you.

As a result, it can be tempting to take offers of extremely cheap or even rebate freight rates to simply get the job done and the order on its way. Your customer, however, will probably pay the price for this and won’t thank you for it!

With this in mind, here’s how you as a printer can best aid publishers without burning a hole in your budget and their pocket:

Don’t be caught out by deadlines

Once a book is printed, publishers might a launch date with little regard to shipping dates and transit times. They might make unrealistic delivery deadlines which don’t fit your budget.

One solution is advance planning of routings and carriers that work to your production timescale. You can really benefit from a specific execution that’s tailored to both printers’ and publishers’ requirements. An international forwarder with expertise, experience and a strong global network can find provide reliable and cost-effective solutions that won’t leave you over budget because of the publishers’ deadlines.

Don’t be fooled by cheap freight rates

Low or free rates may seem enticing at first, but your client will be hit with unexpected charges once their books arrive at their destination. Not will could ‘free lunch’ freight leave them out of pocket, it could also give you a bad reputation with the publishers who chose to use your printing services. Seascape’s experienced staff are dedicated to each shipment and every client, ensuring that you and your customer have complete transparency on costs and timescales. There are no costly surprises for either party.

Do your publishers and yourselves a favour…

At Seaspace, we ensure our clients enjoy clear, reliable and flexible shipping and distribution solutions, to all sectors of the media and publishing trade. We know the importance of keeping costs low whilst fulfilling transportation within set time limits. We provide reassurance through the experience and expertise of our global team

Do your clients and yourselves a favour and fix your shipping by sea or air the right way. It’ll pay off in the long run. Simply get in touch through our ‘Get a Quote’ page to get started, it’s that easy.

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