Market Update

Due to vessels detouring around the Cape of Good Hope and a reduction in capacity by shipowners, extensive rerouting in the Red Sea and Mediterranean region has resulted in a Far-East to North-West Europe capacity loss of around 20%, and the situation is worsening. 

Shipping costs are rising, and it is estimated that the situation will not ease in the short term. Unfortunately, June, July, and August are not expected to see any improvement.

As your reliable solutions partner, Seaspace International are working closely with shipping lines and our agents to proactively address these challenges. 

Bookings for the first week of June are limited, and we anticipate a sharp increase in ocean freight rates so we recommend that you provide us with forecasts so we can best support you by securing bookings and spaces and reducing the risk of delays for your cargo.

We are confident that by working closely together and maintaining open communication, we can minimise the disruption.

We are International Forwarders at the forefront of freight forwarding with a proactive UK based team dedicated to delivering you tailored solutions, whatever your industry. We are specialists in transporting a huge range of products, via air, sea or land. From aerospace to beauty, cycling to luxury packaging and the publishing trade, we work with sectors from small start-up businesses to international blue-chip clients.

We have over 25 years of experience in the freight industry and over time, have listened to our clients to ensure uncompromising customer service and the very best results.

Speak to a member of the team:

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