screen fatigue

Britons Bring Books Back Due to ‘Screen Fatigue’

Reading a book enables you to switch off from the world and take yourself away from modern life, immersing yourself in someone else’s story, right? This certainly isn’t the case with e-books, which have the potential to run out of power at any moment, have the need for an internet connection, break if you drop…

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Printers and Publishers

Printers: Do your Clients a Favour!

In the publishing industry it often comes down to you, the printer, to handle shipping and logistics for finished orders. Publishers often don’t seem to want to spend the time and effort in completing the supply chain and are happy to leave the expense and complications to you. As a result, it can be tempting…

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Seaspace International | Book Corner

Here at Seaspace International, it’s fair to say we’re a bunch of bookworms. We all love a good read and given that we’re specialists in the publishing and printing freight industry, it’s a good job too! In a recent blog, we discussed whether or not the printed book is becoming an extinct being (thankfully, the…

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Publishing |Why print isn’t dead

With the rise in e-books and tablets over the past decade, it’s hardly surprising that many people think the printed word is soon to become extinct. We bet you’ve sat on a train, in a coffee shop, in the park and spotted at least a handful of people with their nose in a….tablet. With years…

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