Freight, Export & Shipping Documentation

We can create bespoke system documentation just for you and your business

Seaspace International can provide you with an extensive range of export and shipping freight documentation services to ensure the smooth transition of your shipments. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and years of experience in the industry, we can be trusted to get all of the relevant documentation and forms ready, taking the hassle off your plate.

How we can help

Our documentation services cover everything including:

Export and Import Licence

A fundamental part of your shipping’s administration, an export licence must be obtained to export specific goods around the world; Seaspace International can obtain a licence for you quickly and easily.

Letters of credit

To reduce risk in international trade, Letters of Credit may be required for exchange between exporters and buyers. Our expert team at Seaspace International can arrange these on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition of freight.

Certificates of origin

A CO is an important international trade requirement that attests goods are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured and processed. Let the Seaspace team obtain a certificate of origin for you and help your freight tick every box.

Customs clearance documents

Thanks to our relationship with H.M.Customs & Excise, we can work with you to arrange suitable customs clearance documents to get your freight shipped in line with industry regulations. We’ll create a bespoke customs clearance plan and arrange all relevant documentation for you so there’s no need to worry.

We also offer:

  • C88/SAD
  • Bills of Lading/Air Waybills
  • ATA Carnets
  • Transit forms
  • Licence applications and more

Find out more

To see how Seaspace International can help with your export and shipping documentation, call us on 01293 554620 or email