Shipping To And From New Zealand

Import and export to New Zealand from the UK

At Seaspace International, we pride ourselves on our quality of service and will securely and efficiently ship your exports to New Zealand from the UK, and your imports from New Zealand to the UK.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an exciting trade opportunity for UK businesses and we offer a range of freight forwarding services to exceed your expectations.

Our services

  • Export by air and sea to New Zealand from the UK
  • Import by air and sea from New Zealand to the UK
  • Advanced tracking shipment technology

With our global network, which includes a leading independent New Zealand forwarder, and over 30 years of freight forwarding experience, we provide unparalleled customer service and ensure your shipments are safe and secure every step of the way. We’re also experts at completing shipments to meet tight deadlines, allowing you to secure business opportunities.

For shipments with less of a tight schedule, we offer cost effective sea freight solutions and warehouse storage.

Additional services

As a full service logistics company, we take care of every aspect of your shipment’s journey, including customs clearance, transit tracking, Pick and Pack and storage solutions, whether you choose to transport by land, sea or air. With our reliable and efficient processes in place (AEO F Certified) you’re free to concentrate on other aspects of your business to ensure you thrive.

More about New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation synonymous with beautiful landscapes, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It ranks highly for national performance in health, education, quality of life, and for its vibrant market economy.

As of 2016, the UK is New Zealand’s 5th largest 2-way trading partner, with wool, machinery and wood products among its popular exports. The two countries share a long and loyal trading partnership.

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