Air Freight Shipping

Expert knowledge of routes, airlines and local facilities for efficient transportation of goods

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When speed is of the essence and you have a tight deadline to meet, Seaspace International offers effective and efficient air freight services that are sure to suit your needs.

With expert knowledge of the best routes, airlines and local provisions, we’re able to provide our clients with quick, professional results at highly competitive rates.

Expert air freight solutions

Our mains services include:

  • Imports and exports
  • Consolidations
  • Direct IATA shipments
  • Out-of-gauge freighter loads
  • Import customs clearance
  • NES export declarations
  • Import licencing applications
  • Hazardous cargo shipments
  • Express courier shipments

We incorporate everything from scheduled consolidations and single consignments to courier networks and even the transportation of hazardous cargo; no job is too big or too small for our team of experts.

With key contacts in places all over the world, our team is perfectly placed to get your goods flown across the globe in no time at all.

Below is an outline of our key air freight services on offer; if you have any questions or additional requirements that you’d like to discuss with our team, give us a call on 01293 554620 or email

Imports and exports

We have years of experience at importing and exporting a huge range of shipments across the world by air. Our unrivalled import and export offerings include integrated solutions that not only take into consideration your budget but also your timeline; we’ll work hard to get the best package together that’s right for you and your requirements.

Working with industries all across the globe, we have experience importing and exporting goods of all shapes, sizes and contents. This means we are able to find a solution for nearly all types of goods, across a whole host of industries, including publishing and printing, getting them to their destination quickly and efficiently.


If you have multiple smaller shipments that need to be delivered by air at the same time, our consolidation services can save you time and money. This allows you to put all of your cargo into one shipment, alongside cargo from others. Ideal for those who can’t fill a whole plane themselves, this makes air freight a far more cost effective solution..

We’ll make sure your cargo gets from A to B in good time and, most importantly, together. You’re guaranteed a smooth and speedy service with us.

Direct IATA shipments

As an established freight forwarder with great experience in the industry, we’re proud to offer direct IATA shipments. As a trusted member of IATA, we are able to book directly with almost 300 IATA airlines, which all adhere to extremely strict terms and conditions. This also means we are qualified cargo agents for dangerous and hazardous goods, so you can count on us to have a solution for your goods.

We work closely with reputable, reliable airline providers to ensure swift, direct shipment in line with IATA regulations.

Out-of-gauge freighter loads

If your freight exceeds the standard dimensions of a freight container, don’t worry; Seaspace International can help with specialist out-of-gauge services. With planes being very limited on space this may seem like an impossible task, however we have great experience at moving such cargo across the UK, Europe and beyond and can offer tailor made solutions for larger shipments.

Import customs clearance

Find customs clearance a headache? If you’re confused, let Seaspace International paint a clearer picture with our import customs clearance services. Our team knows what they’re doing when it comes to dealing with Customs and will ensure all boxes are ticked for your air freight import.

No matter where your shipment is going, we have extensive knowledge of customs regulations all across the world and can help you understand and get together exactly what documentation you need to get your goods across the world by air.

NES export declarations

We work closely with the National Export System (NES) to declare any shipments outside of the EU using their computer system. By working with Seaspace International, this is another concern off your plate as our experts are skilled at using the computer-based system.

All official documentation will be completed by our team correctly and efficiently to ensure a smooth export by air, saving you time and stress.

Import licencing applications

If your goods require an import licence to meet its destination, we can help with getting an application submitted to make the process that bit quicker. No matter what you’re sending by air and where in the world you’re shipping to, not having a completed application when forwarding most cargo can cause a serious delay and even customs fines.

Seaspace International can act efficiently on your behalf to get things moving a lot faster, ensuring no delays or fines on your shipment.

Hazardous cargo shipments

If your freight is deemed hazardous, don’t fret as Seaspace International has the capacity and proper accreditations to help ship high-risk cargo by air. From advising on suitable packaging and labelling to managing the shipment itself, our highly experienced team are on hand to help, no matter what your cargo is.

Express courier shipments

When your freight absolutely had to be there (preferably last week), and time just isn’t on your side, our express courier shipments will undoubtedly put your mind at ease. It’s not unusual for our customers to approach the Seaspace team with a tight deadline; our experts thrive under pressure and will work with both you and relevant airlines to ensure a truly express service.

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