Pick and Pack

A premier warehousing and order fulfillment facility

With many years experience in storing, managing, packing and distributing all types of freight across the world, Seaspace International are proud to offer a premier warehousing and order fulfillment facility based at our London Gatwick headquarters.

What we offer

If you’re looking for a specialist to handle your stock holding, inventory management and order fulfilment, our specialist pick and pack division provides not only fantastic packing execution but a secure and climate controlled environment that is supported by a bespoke stock management EDI system, SeaLevel™, as well as expert staff on hand.

From single items to multiple pallet loads, Seaspace International have the capacity to stock and then deliver freight on time throughout the UK, Europe and beyond via our comprehensive distribution network. If you’re looking for support in packing your goods, our team are extensively trained and highly skilled at doing so quickly, efficiently and with minimal fuss. The recent addition of a full bar coding system to our rosta adds another layer of efficiency and convenience to you as we offer new levels of automation and integration.

Why Seaspace International?

Choose Seaspace for your pick and pack needs if you’re looking for:

  • Speedy service with no fuss led by an expert, experienced team
  • Great, competitive prices
  • Secure and safe storage for your freight
  • High quality and uncompromising customer service that’s totally bespoke
  • Fantastic distribution solutions to suit your budget and timeline

Call us today on 012039 554620 or email info@seaspace-int.com to find out more about our pick and pack service.