What Is Freight Forwarding? The Ultimate Guide

Are you considering using a freight forwarder for your business import and export needs? If you’re unsure whether you need a freight forwarding company to help with the transportation of goods, take a look at our extensive guide below. We go into detail about what freight forwarding is, the different services available and the benefits…

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Warehouse and Storage Facilities

The Role Of Warehousing In Logistics

  The Role Of Warehousing In Logistics Warehousing and the storage of goods play a vital role in the logistics supply chain across the world. Not only do warehouses provide safe and secure storage around the clock, they also allow you to have your goods stored in one central place, which makes planning and organising…

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Key Dates For 2021

Key Dates In The UK Logistics Calendar For 2021

Every year there are key dates in the logistics calendar to watch out for if you frequently import and export goods across the world. These dates can impact lead times and cause delays to your shipments. If you plan ahead accordingly, you can avoid any issues or delays with your supply chain and ensure your…

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Shipping Containers

Differences Between Different Types of Logistics Management

Logistics management is a crucial component of supply chain management which facilitates the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods (raw materials or finished products) across the world. You might have heard the terms ‘reverse logistics’, or ‘third party logistics’, but what do those terms mean? How do the different types of logistics differ?…

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Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday: Ensure You’re Logistically Prepared

Whilst Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a pretty recent phenomenon in the UK and Europe, they’ve been a big deal in America for a long time. Statistics show that in 2019 transactions on Black Friday were up 7.2% year on year in the UK and sales in the US broke all previous records, with…

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Warehouse In Sussex

Planning Ahead For Brighter Days

Through the efforts of everyone, whether it be on the frontline or isolating at home, the world will beat COVID-19 and a new normality will begin. Business will resume and the supply chain will re-build. When this time arrives you’ll want to be ready to meet the supply demands of existing and emerging clients and…

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Container Ship

Top 9 Interesting Facts About Shipping and Aircrafts

Shipping and aviation industries have been around for a very long time, with shipping being one of the oldest and most important industries in the world. With this, there are a lot of interesting facts about ships and aeroplanes from over the years that you may not know. Take a look through our list of…

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Packaged and Labelled boxes

How to Pack, Label and Document Your Shipment Ready for Export

If your goods aren’t prepared properly before shipping, then you can run the risk of your goods not making it to their destination, or arriving damaged. Both of these situations can be costly to your business and lead to delays and irate customers. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise, we have put together a comprehensive…

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Warehousing: How We Keep Your Goods Safe

When entrusting a company, such as Seaspace International, to store your goods in their warehouse, it’s important to understand the security measures they have in place to keep your goods safe. Here at Seaspace International, we have very thorough processes and high tech security equipment to ensure all of your goods are safe from fire,…

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Planning for Logistics at Christmas

If your business relies on importing and exporting goods across parts of the world, then you need to ensure that you are well prepared for the Christmas season. It may seem like it’s a bit early in the year to be thinking about Christmas, however, with the festive season being such as busy period, planning…

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