Container Import UK

UK Import Guide: All You Need to Know About UK Imports to Avoid Delays

When considering importing for your business, it can be very daunting to try and get your head around all of the rules and regulations that come along with the process. At Seaspace International, we are accredited logistics professionals that have a wealth of experience with importing into the UK. We have put together some helpful…

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Brexit Checklist Header

A Logistics Guide to Preparing for Brexit

With so much uncertainty surrounding the UK leaving the European Union, it can be difficult to plan for the future. However, there are a few steps that you can take to get as prepared as possible for Brexit. Take a look at our checklist below to help you ensure your business is ready. Transcript Keep…

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Sea Freight v Air Freight

Sea Freight or Air Freight?

There are many factors to consider when you are looking at logistics for your business. We have put together the below infographic with our four top considerations to help you understand the differences between Sea Freight and Air Freight and how to choose the right path for your business. Transcript Sea Freight Versus Air Freight…

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Container Port

How to Boost your Competitiveness by Using Expert Logistics

Finding a company to handle your business’ logistics and distribution can be a daunting task, as your final supply or sale lies in their hands. Choosing a reputable, reliable and expert logistics company will boost your market competitiveness, placing you a cut above the rest. Discover how using an expert logistics company, such as Seaspace…

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New Factory

Seaspace International Opens Third Warehouse Facility

Seaspace International Freight Forwarders are delighted to announce that this week we have officially opened our third warehouse facility. The warehouse is adjacent to London Gatwick Airport and is located on the same estate as our headquarters and two other warehouse facilities. The warehouse boasts an initial capacity of 360 standard pallets, and has the…

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Our Accreditation’s explained

Here at Seaspace International, we are extremely proud of all of the international accreditations that we been awarded. We have worked hard to attain the recognition these awards reflect of our professional standards and trustworthy ethos. Our Accreditations We have the following globally recognised logistics industry accreditations: BIFA – British International Freight Association IATA –…

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Brexit: The Seaspace View

This month we are talking to Gordon Humphrey, our Managing Director, about Brexit and its impact on the logistics industry. Gordon has been in the logistics industry for 35 years and Seaspace International was established 30 years ago, in 1988. Brexit has been a widely reported topic across all industries, mainly due to the uncertainty…

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Guide to Commercial Shipments from the UK to Australia and New Zealand

With its rich natural resources and well developed manufacturing infrastructure, Australia is fast developing commercial connections with businesses in the UK. As an essential part of developing an international business is the ability to send commercial consignments around the world in a cost effective and efficient manner, we offer quality shipping to and from Australia…

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How the Weakness of the Pound has Impacted UK Exports

After the result of the Brexit referendum in 2016, the British Pound Sterling fell by roughly 20% against other currencies. This meant that British companies exporting their goods suddenly became more attractive in foreign markets as they were cheaper. At the time it was seen as a rather positive result for the UK export industry,…

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new pallet racking

New Pallet Racking System

For years at Seaspace we have been offering a premium warehousing and order fulfillment facility, based at our headquarters in Gatwick. Here we handle stock holdings, inventory management, and order fulfilment, as well as our specialist pick and pack division where we provide excellent packing execution. As we constantly aim to improve our services, we…

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