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Most Dangerous Goods To Ship

As per UK Government guidelines “If you transport dangerous goods by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterway, you must pack and transport them according to international regulations”. Seems fairly obvious, right? You might be surprised however at exactly what items are classified as being dangerous. Radioactive materials, explosives and infectious substances are probably what…

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Shipping containers in shipping port

Top 10 Inspiring Shipping Container Homes

Once a very niche market, shipping container homes are becoming more and more common, increasingly innovative, and wildly more adventurous in their design. And it’s little wonder why – they’re often relatively inexpensive, highly versatile and potentially environmentally friendly building blocks that can be picked up and moved with relative ease. We’ve scoured the globe,…

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Sea Ports

Importance Of Seaports For International Trade

Seaports have long been an intrinsic part of international trade, and with more than 90% of the worlds’ traded goods being transported by sea, the ocean is without doubt one of the major transport arteries for global business. The importance of seaports on an international, national and regional basis stretches far beyond the facilitation of…

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Sea Freight

What Questions Should I Ask A Freight Forwarder?

Choosing the right freight forwarding company for your business is extremely important, as you want to find a company you can trust with your business or personal imports and exports. Before you choose a freight forwarder there are some essential questions you should ask them to make sure you know they’re the right company for…

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Mike Smith - Seaspace

In Memoriam – Mike Smith, Seaspace International Founder & Chairman

It is with profound sadness that Seaspace International Forwarders Ltd shares the news that our Chairman and founding partner, Michael (Mike) Smith has passed away. Mike died peacefully at home on Thursday 5th August 2021. Mike was part of a freight dynasty, being born into a family-owned forwarding firm with roots going back over 200…

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International Freight: What Goods Do We Ship?

At Seaspace International Freight Forwarding, we have over 30 years’ experience shipping goods across the world by sea freight and air freight. This means we’ve shipped pretty much anything you can think of across the globe, from beauty products to film props and bicycles. We can provide tailored solutions no matter the industry your business…

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Shipping containers

Innovative And Creative Ways To Reuse Old Shipping Containers

Conservative estimates suggest that there are 17 million intermodal shipping containers currently in circulation, around 5 million of which are actively traversing the globe as air, ocean or land freight (source), carrying roughly 90% of all traded goods (source). Other estimates suggest that there may be as many as 530 million shipping containers located around…

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Why Is Logistics Management Important?

Logistics management is an important part of any supply chain, as a successful logistics plan ensures that the whole supply chain runs smoothly. This is not only beneficial to your business, but also ensures your customers are kept happy by receiving their goods in a timely and efficient manner. Below, we have put together some…

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