The Role Of Warehousing In Logistics


The Role Of Warehousing In Logistics

Warehouse and Storage Facilities

Warehousing and the storage of goods play a vital role in the logistics supply chain across the world. Not only do warehouses provide safe and secure storage around the clock, they also allow you to have your goods stored in one central place, which makes planning and organising your logistics that much easier.

Below we look in detail at the role that warehouses play within the logistics system, as well as how they can benefit your business when shipping goods around the world.

At Seaspace International we have three state-of-the-art warehouses based near Gatwick Airport, ideally placed for keeping your goods safe and secure, ensuring they get from A to B efficiently and cost effectively. To find out more about our HMRC Fulfilment House Due Diligence Scheme registered warehousing solutions, get in touch with our professional logistics team today on 01293 554620, or complete our online contact form and we’ll be in touch at a time convenient to you.

The role of warehousing in logistics

Warehousing and inventory storage are key components within both the logistics and supply chains. Used by customs, transporters, manufacturers, wholesalers and import / export companies they enable the storage and distribution of raw materials and finished goods, as well as everything in-between. Choosing the right provider for your warehouse operation and storage facilities can give your business the competitive advantage.

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Inventory and stock control

If your business has a high level of inventory, then using a warehouse to store your goods will give you one centralised location where everything is located. This will give you greater physical organisation of your stock and tighter inventory control.

Most modern warehouses are now equipped with the latest technology (Warehouse Management Systems ‘WMS’) that provide real-time updates as to exactly how much stock you have and what needs replenishing.

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Effective and efficient distribution

Not only does having all your goods in one centralised place make for better inventory management, it also allows for much more efficient distribution to your customers. This means your customers can receive their orders correctly and quickly, improving customer satisfaction.

As most warehouses have close connections with distribution companies, this is another part of the supply chain that you don’t need to worry about, freeing up your time to focus on the things that really matter to your business.

In addition, most warehouses can provide all the packaging and labelling supplies that are needed to ensure your goods get to their destination safely, saving you time and worry. Some logistics companies, such as Seaspace, are even able to offer documentation services which takes the worry of legal freight documentation off your hands completely.

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Cost effectiveness

The cost to have your very own dedicated warehouse space to store all of your stock can be high, especially if you need to employ staff to organise the logistics system and warehouse management. Outsourcing to a dedicated warehousing company with their own facility will reduce your costs and free up your time.

Warehouse management and fulfilment companies are able to provide dedicated technology and secure facilities and, some, even services such as temperature control for specific goods.

At Seaspace International, our main Gatwick warehouse is a customs non-excise, bonded warehouse*, meaning we can hold imported goods without you having to pay duty and import taxes immediately, freeing up your cash flow until you need the goods to leave the warehouse.

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Keeps goods safe

As mentioned above, dedicated warehouse solutions implement high tech security features that keep your goods safe at all times. These include:

  • CCTV all around the premises
  • Smoke and fire detection and prevention
  • Alarm systems that are monitored around the clock 24/7
  • Access control systems that limit and monitor who is in which part of the building

All of these features give you peace of mind that your goods are in the right hands, ready for when they need shipping to their final destination.

Types of warehousing

Within the logistics industry there are a number of different types of warehousing:

Distribution centre

One of the defining characteristics of a distribution center (centre) is the speed by which goods pass through. In some instances (such as the transport of perishable commodities) goods will remain within the distribution centre for less than 24 hours, before being shipped to resellers.

Bonded warehouse*

A bonded warehouse, also known as a customs warehouse, allows for the storage of dutiable goods with payment of customs duties delayed until their release. Goods can be stored indefinitely, which from a business perspective has the added benefit of allowing for pre-sale activity which in turn should positively affects cash flow. In the event that goods are due to be exported duties will never be paid, potentially resulting in considerable savings.

Consolidated warehouse

A consolidated warehouse operation involves a number of parties shipping small batches of goods to one location, before they are ‘consolidated’ into large shipments for transportation to their final destinations.

Why choose Seaspace for your warehousing needs?

With over 30 years experience in the logistics and freight forwarding industry, Seaspace International is perfectly placed to provide you with an excellent warehouse solution for your imported and exported goods.

We’re proud to offer the following warehouse management services:

  • Safe and secure storage of your goods
  • Long and short term storage options
  • Fully documented inventory control systems
  • Pick and pack order fulfilment services
  • Shipping documentation services
  • Customs non-Excise, Bonded warehouse
  • Expertly managed and professionally handled business solutions

To find out more about our warehouse facilities and get a quote for your individual businesses needs, get in touch with our team today; just call 01293 554620 or email


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