Nine Facts about Airports Around the World

Millions of people travel through airports every month on their holidays and business trips. But airports aren’t just a place for you to grab a quick breakfast, shop duty-free and head to your gate. Airfields around the world are adding amenities and amazing quirks that make them stand out.

Our freight team love to explore all parts of our industry! That’s why we’ve created this fascinating infographic with nine top facts of airports around the world:

Nine facts about airports around the world


From the world’s shortest runway to the strangest layover amenities, we’ve found all of the most interesting airport facts from around the world for you to enjoy. Our team want to show how airports aren’t just about cargo and travellers; they’re some of the most interesting places behind the scenes. Who knew that an airport in Brazil has a dentist who offers a quick clean or teeth whitening? Or an airport in Singapore with its own butterfly garden?! With all of these eccentric extras, you’ll soon want to visit the airports themselves rather than your destination.

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