Brexit: The Seaspace View

This month we are talking to Gordon Humphrey, our Managing Director, about Brexit and its impact on the logistics industry. Gordon has been in the logistics industry for 35 years and Seaspace International was established 30 years ago, in 1988. Brexit has been a widely reported topic across all industries, mainly due to the uncertainty…

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How the Weakness of the Pound has Impacted UK Exports

After the result of the Brexit referendum in 2016, the British Pound Sterling fell by roughly 20% against other currencies. This meant that British companies exporting their goods suddenly became more attractive in foreign markets as they were cheaper. At the time it was seen as a rather positive result for the UK export industry,…

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new pallet racking

New Pallet Racking System

For years at Seaspace we have been offering a premium warehousing and order fulfillment facility, based at our headquarters in Gatwick. Here we handle stock holdings, inventory management, and order fulfilment, as well as our specialist pick and pack division where we provide excellent packing execution. As we constantly aim to improve our services, we…

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Freight Trends in 2018

Last year was eventful in the world of the Freight industry, with lots of changes throughout the year, including those associated with technological advances and Brexit. With that in mind, what is 2018 going to have in store? Here are three trends to look out for this year: Business Intelligence Business Intelligence is coming into…

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Warehousing Staff Shortage

What Effect Will Brexit Have on Logistics This Christmas?

Warehouses across the UK could witness a shortage of staff in the months leading up to Christmas this year. It comes as no surprise that the pound has fallen lower and lower against the Euro since Brexit was confirmed in June 2016, and this is having a knock-on effect on the number of overseas workers…

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Discover a whole new world of opportunity with Seaspace International Forwarders Ltd Seaspace International Forwarders Ltd is a leader in international freight forwarding and logistics. Our continuing success means we have an opportunity for the right person to become a key member of the dynamic team that make up our forwarding operations department. If you…

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London International Shipping Week

London International Shipping Week 2017

London International Shipping Week returns for the first time since 2015 and takes place from 11th to 15th September in the UK’s capital. John Murray, the Chief Executive of the Society of Maritime Industries has stated; “The focus which London International Shipping Week brings to the maritime sector is a reminder of the global capability…

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Bringing you the shipping news

Our blog this month brings you three shipping and freight stories which caught our attention in the news. In the first, sharks and whales help shipping vessels become more environmentally friendly. We also look at the expansion of the Port of Liverpool with Liverpool2 catering for large container vessels, and what should the shipping industry…

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reduce waste

Reduce Waste and Reap the Rewards

Shipping goods around the world is an expensive business and it can leave a disruptive global footprint. You might rely on your carrier and logistics provider to find you the most cost and time effective routing and packing solution, but have you ever considered what you can do yourself to reduce costs and respect the…

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India Plans to Implement GST to all Services

  The Government of India is planning to implement GST to all services in India w.e.f 01st July 2017. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is to be one uniform tax throughout India to replace a range of taxes levied by the Central and State governments, thereby making India one unified common market. GST is a tax reform which is going to…

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