11 Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Freight Pallets

Wooden pallets are used for shipping all kinds of products across the whole world. However, once they get to their destination you can be left with unwanted pallets that you don’t know what to do with!

We work with a range of companies internationally to help them ship their products, so we understand the need to recycle pallets.

Here are 11 of the most creative ways to recycle your unwanted wooden pallets and put them to good use, if you can’t re-use them for their original purpose:

Garden planters

Creating wooden planters out of your unused pallets is one of the most simple and effective ways to recycle them. You can create them to any size you would like and even paint them to match your decor.

Outdoor seating area

It can be tricky to find an outdoor seating area to perfectly fit in your space, and which is cost effective. Using your unwanted wooden pallets can be a great way to create a bespoke seating area for any space in your garden.

With some invested time, you could have a contemporary seating area ready to use for years to come.


Create your very own working space with all of the drawers and storage that you need! This idea is particularly appealing as shopping for desks can definitely be a chore, and even frustrating when you can’t find exactly what you need.

As you work in an industry that required shipping and pallets, it also makes sense to reflect this in your working environment – it really is win win!

Coffee table

Depending on the type of look you are going for, creating a coffee table out of wooden pallets can be as simple as sanding it down and giving it a lick of paint! A quick job, with fantastic results, that are sure to impress.

Wine rack

Using your unwanted wooden pallets, you can create a wine storage solution of any size that can not only store your bottles, but also your glasses!


If you are looking to create an entertaining space in your garden, then crafting your very own bar in your garden could be the ideal solution!

Wood store

Create an area to store spare wood and keep your garden looking tidy! This can include different compartments for different types of wood, allowing you to organise in a way that’s best for you.

Pet beds

Give your furry friends the perfect place to sleep with a bespoke bed made out of your unwanted wooden pallets. This is a great way to create something the perfect size for your space and pet.

Toy box

If you are fed up of all of the mess from your children’s toys being everywhere, then why not create them a personal toy box to store them all?


Add a brand new entertaining space in your garden by using your pallets to create a lovely decking area, where you can enjoy the great outdoors. This can save you a considerable amount of money on materials and if you do it yourself, labour.

Garden path

If you have any cut offs leftover after using all of your wooden pallets, then you can give your garden a bit of a makeover and create a lovely pathway. Pathways have become popular to create separate areas in a garden and to add a rustic look.

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