Trader Support Service Changes – The Windsor Framework

From the 30th September 2023, the UK Trader Scheme (UKTS) is being replaced by the UK Internal Market Scheme (UKIMS).

If your organisation moves or plans to move goods into Northern Ireland, and declare these goods ‘not at risk’ you must apply for authorisation via UKIMS. If you currently operate under UKTS you must re-apply to UKIMS to continue declaring goods ‘not at risk’. 

Don’t forget to add your UKIMS authorisation letter to your TTS company profile under ‘Document Records’ to validate your authorisation. 

It is also worth noting that the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme (NIRMS) is replacing The Scheme for the Temporary Agrifood Movements to Northern Ireland (STAMNI) in October 2023. 

If your organisation sells or facilitates the movement of food for final consumption in Northern Ireland you will be able to register for NIRIMS.

From October 2023 to July 2025, new labelling requirements are being introduced in phases for organisations that send pre-packed retail goods, or certain loose goods, for final use in Northern Ireland. 

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