Shipping Trends for 2024

As an industry, shipping and logistics is constantly evolving and moving with the changes in the economy, advances in technology and innovation.

Predicted trends that are likely to affect shipping and logistics in 2024 include:

– Last-mile delivery

Many retailers have taken steps to expand their last-mile delivery options in order to offer faster deliveries and even same-day offerings. Last-mile delivery continues to be a challenging part of the logistics industry with many major companies looking to explore partnerships with fulfilment parters, such as ourselves at Seaspace International, to offer last-mile delivery or make their existing options more effective. We consistently deliver excellence with our last-mile services, and that’s why we are experts in this sector.

– Digitalisation 

Although this has been coming about for a number of years, the pandemic and transition to remote working for many industries has pushed the logistics industry to further digitalise, implementing their own software and tools for their customers to use online.

We are always looking to invest in technology and our people to be at the forefront of the market. 

– Supply chain resilience 

In response to the Covid pandemic exposing some vulnerabilities in global supply chains, many logistics companies are enhancing their supply chain strategies to make them more resilient and mitigate risks. Analytics is also becoming even more important and could play a huge role going forward in identifying potential risks and associated responses. 

As experienced shipping professionals, at Seaspace International we are always looking to optimise our services and adapt as technology advances in order to offer our clients the best service .

We pride ourselves on our first class customer service and delivery.

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