Sealevel: Our Bespoke Stock Management Programme

For over 20 years we have been providing inventory management and order fulfilment services to clients holding a wide variety of stock items using Sealevel™.

Proud to offer such a tailored service across multiple industries, we wanted to highlight how this system could benefit you and your business.

What is Sealevel?

Sealevel™ is our bespoke stock management programme. Whether it’s aero engine parts, publishing and printing goods, shampoo, or high street fashion, we can manage stock and inventory through SeaLevel.

Each stock item and quantity is loaded into the system, along with its unique warehouse locator code. Orders are downloaded by clients directly into the system which then generates picking lists and dispatch notes, adjusting stock levels as it goes.

Why choose Sealevel?

Our warehouses are equipped for bulk and micro storage of stock, with items allocated to unique coded locations, from which orders can be picked and transferred to our packing rooms. In the warehouses orders are checked, packed, labelled and dispatched securely for daily collections by a range of specialist carriers.

If you haven’t got enough stock, the system won’t generate a picking list and if you are getting low on inventory, replenishment levels can be tailored to suit, giving plenty of time to order and receive in new stock. This ensures you can always meet supply and demand.

SeaLevel provides a range of movement reporting logs and, being web-enabled and password protected, allows you 24/7 visibility of your stock and orders past, present and future.

What happens next?

Our job doesn’t just finish once your orders have left us. The team will monitor delivery, obtain proof of delivery, resolve the occasional issue and handle the rare return. We see each job through to make sure that you have satisfied customers.

We even make billing as simple as possible. Whenever possible, pick and pack services are covered by a single price, making product pricing easier for you. Invoicing is monthly, with an order fulfilment summary, so we don’t bury you in piles of paper and we keep all costs transparent.

Here at Seaspace we have the experience, the facilities, the technology and the team to give you confidence and your customers what they’ve ordered. Contact us today to find out more about Sealevel and how we can help you.

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